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Authentic Chinese?

     I have just recently had a taste of “authentic” Chinese food, so I don’t have much experience. However, I do like Chinese food and take notice of Chinese restaurants that I pass by.

I am most likely to assume that a place (restaurant, market, shop, etc.) is “real”, if I can’t read/understand the name of the place. For example, from looking at the pictures, I will assume “Shen Hua” is more authentic than “Renee’s Place”, and “Lotus house” is somewhere in between the two.

How did I come to this judgment? Well, as an American from Mexican and Guatemalan descent, I can tell legit Hispanic food from the wannabe’s because both my parents are immigrants and I’ve visited both countries. And usually the name of the place has a lot to do with the authenticity of the food or items. Also, décor and music, and personnel, affects my perception of the place. If the décor and music is cultural, and the majority of the personnel are familiar with the area, I am most likely to trust that it will be original.

Chinese Restaurant: Renee’s Place

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Last Seen Korean Drama: Lie to Me

LIE TO ME. Category: Comedy & Romance

I really like Korean and Japanese dramas! I don’t speak either language, or any Asian language for that matter, but I still enjoy a good drama and don’t mind subtitles.

I’m a fan of the typical, sweet-romance stories. The first Korean drama I ever watched was “Happiness in the Wind”. I never finished watching it because it stopped airing on TV, but I enjoyed it so much I started searching similar dramas. Nowadays I mostly just see the Korean and Japanese dramas that are available on Netflix (because of the convenience). I’ve seen “Boys over Flowers”, “Coffee Prince”, and more (that I can’t remember right now).

If you can think of any similar dramas that you found interesting, let me know! 🙂

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